My name is Dave Fischer. I am a retired (for 17 years) research physicist (after 37 years at the Materials Laboratory, WPAFB, OH) with an avid and active interest in photography. This interest began in the 1960's, blossomed in the 1970's, and has continued to this day. Visiting some National Parks as a young man sparked and nourished this process. The genre on which I have focused is nature photography. Now, as a senior citizen, that interest remains, albeit at a somewhat reduced pace. In the southern Ohio growing season, my other active hobby, gardening, demands a big chunk of my time.

My wife, Beth, and I have been married 39 years and have a daughter, Laura (see the "Family" gallery in my portfolio). Beth has accompanied me on almost all of my photo trips over the years (most were also our vacations). Laura has also been present on many of them. They have had to put up with me carrying along and setting up my camera equipment wherever we went. For that, I am indebted to them and thank them.